Common Crown Brewing Co.

Twin brothers Andrew and Damon Moreau have many things in common, and it’s no surprise that beer is one of them. The two looked to pool their skills and talents and open their very own brewery with the aim to provide local, high-quality craft beer for the everyday Albertan beer consumer. In 2016, their life-long dreams became a reality – the Common Crown was open for business. Showcasing local agriculture, music, art, and the craft beer scene is the main pillar of the Common Crown’s vision. They are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to support local talent and passion when they find it. One of their favorite endeavors is the many collaboration brews with other breweries they do throughout the year. They are proud to source some of the finest local ingredients from farmers and producers across Alberta. Pull up to the bar and try a flight of their whole lineup.

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Common Crown Brewing Co., 28 Street Northeast, Calgary, AB, Canada


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