Stockmen’s Memorial Foundation Library & Archives

Immerse yourself in the history of the men and women who started ranching in western Canada almost 150 years ago with a visit to Stockmen’s. Tucked into a sunlit high-ceilinged room on the west end of the Cochrane RancheHouse is a treasure-trove of western memorabilia. A wealth of well-worn saddles, many different designs of spurs and horseshoes, literally hundreds of examples of barbed wire, and more than 19,000 books and magazines showcase Alberta’s livestock culture. Vintage cowboy hats adorn the wooden beams, looking down on cowboy art, from murals and paintings to bronze castings, including a bust of legendary cattleman, Bert Sheppard, the library’s namesake.

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STOCKMEN'S Memorial Foundation, Ranchehouse Road, Cochrane, AB, Canada


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