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River Wheels

Go to a bike rental shop and you’ll find bicycles, bike nerds in ripped rock shirts and a confusing array of spokes and greasy chains. Go to a sport rentals store and you’ll get piles of patched equipment with bbq stains and campfire stench so strong your car will never recover. Come to River Wheels and you’ll get something completely different. We ain’t your ordinary bike rental shop, and we ain’t no average-joe sports rental outfit either, we’ll hook you up with a cool bike, and we’ll show you why we love Calgary Canada.

BaladoDiscovery – Rouleauville

Let yourself be guided by an all-new BaladoDiscovery on the walkway in Rouleauville, Calgary’s historic Francophone district. This CDÉA initiative recounts the life of the city’s pioneers, including the prominent Rouleau brothers, their aspirations and their challenges. Download the BaladoDiscovery app from Google Play or Apple Store, then select Rouleauville.

Calgary Tower

Rising 191 metres above the downtown core, the Calgary Tower offers a spectacular 360° view of the city and is a must-see on any visitor`s itinerary. Stand on the amazing glass floor for a bird’s-eye view of the city streets below. Follow a multimedia tour on your portable device to find out more about Calgary’s history, landmarks and future plans.

Bridgeland Distillery and Economuseum tour

Bridgeland Distillery was awarded the ‘2021 Alberta Distillery of the Year’ by Alberta Spirits Awards! This local distillery opened in 2019 with bar and spacious tasting area offering handcrafted brandy, whisky, limoncello, award-winning grappa, wine and craft spirits. Free tours with samples by request. Food to order. Souvenirs and giftware available.

Village Ice Cream

Village Ice Cream is crafted right here, batch by batch, in Calgary, Alberta. Call it local, artisanal, small-batch or hand made — they call it their love letter to you.

Fort Calgary

The confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers has been a historical and cultural gathering place from the first Indigenous people thousands of years ago to the arrival of the North-West Mounted Police (NWNP) in 1875. From its origins as Mohkinsstsis (Blackfoot), Wîchîspa (Nakoda) and Guts’ists’i (Tsuut’ina), to its more recent history as a national, provincial and municipal historic site, Fort Calgary has a complex story to tell. Today, Fort Calgary is an interpretive centre, a 40-acre park, and lots more.

Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co

Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co brews a diverse collection of beers that demonstrate an appreciation for old ways and a passion for the revival of the craft spirit. By implementing practices that pay respect to traditional brewing methods, while also adding a contemporary twist on established beer styles, Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co strives to create products that embody both the old and the beautiful. There’s a story in every brew.